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All About Andy

Passionate Mindset and Fitness Professional

Andy Hoffer is a dedicated Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset Coach.

In 2000, at the age of 17, Andy was pregnant and afraid. On food stamps and with minimal assistance, she put herself through school while juggling being a mom and working to support her mini family. In 2010, Andy graduated as an Electrical Engineer and got herself to a position where she was making six figures yet still unhappy. Money was NOT the answer. 

Overweight and self medicating on drugs and alcohol, Andy had a moment of clarity where she understood that things needed to change. On November 20, 2014, Andy made a choice that would forever change her.


She quit drinking and doing drugs through the help of a 12 step program. 

Over the years, the tools that she has learned has helped to inform her method of personal training, nutrition, and mindset coaching to help others begin to realize their own inner power.

Andy works exclusively with women and men who have had negative mindset syndrome that has kept them from reaching their goals. It has been a passion of hers to help people realize their full potential as most people don't even know what they are truly capable of. 

  • First we design a workout program that gets your body right.

  • Then we design a macro plan to get what you put into your body right. 

  • Finally, we check in weekly to get your self talk right. 

These three components in conjunction will help to build, strengthen and repair your life at a level you never knew existed. 

Reach out to Andy TODAY to get started. 

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