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Transform your life

4 Days/Week Fitness Plan

4 Weeks - $75

This 4 week plan is designed to introduce absolute beginners to the world of fitness. It is also designed for those who already are a part of that world some new insights to fundamental movements and fitness planning. It also includes a beginner guide to fitness nutrition. The program is challenging for everyone who does it.

Typical schedule is 3-4 days for 1 hour each day.

This 6 week plan is designed for fitness enthusiasts who are familiar fitness and have already established a regimen. This program is more rigorous and challenging yet still accessible to all. If you are a beginner and want to go full in this is a great program and if you are more experienced prepare to be

challenged still!

Typical schedule is 4-5 days for 1 hour each day.

4-5 Days/Week Fitness Plan

6 Weeks - $100

This 8 week plan is for those who have an exercise regimen that is a cornerstone of their lives. This program is challenging and will shape your body like never before. If you're looking to tighten up your schedule and diet, this one is for you!
Typical schedule is 6 days for 1-1.5 hours each day. 

6 Days/Week Fitness Plan

8 Weeks - $125

Take your Yoga and Fitness to the next level with Andy. In this program you are able to have Andy as your personal trainer. You will have weekly sessions with Andy with one to three times a week. You will also have a customized plan and basic nutritional guidelines. 

Email for pricing ASAP as there are limited spots for this!

Personal Fitness Coaching - Boston Based

3 Months -

Ask For Pricing

Have a one hour yoga or fitness session with Andy via Zoom. This class is perfect to destress or get the heart rate up. We customize your class to fit exactly what you need. 

Schedule at your own time using my personal calendar link!

Virtual Yoga or Fitness Class

60 mins - $35

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