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Bood Job Journey Pt 1

Hey guys. I have some news. I have just booked my breast augmentation that is going to happen in September. And so I figured I would bring you guys along with me for the ride. Right? So let's talk about it for a second. Why am I starting filming this early on, is that I'm going to be making a compilation of videos throughout my entire journey, that's going to be documenting this from me booking it, to me actually getting it done in Guatemala.

Yes, I am going to Guatemala to get them done. Now, I know a lot of people are going to message me,

“Andy, what are you doing going to Guatemala, to get them done? Why don't you just get them in the US?” Listen, I'm not going to some mud hut to get this done, okay. I'm going to get them done by a legit surgeon, at a legit facility in the capital of Guatemala. From a surgeon who I know, who has done good work before. And it's not an impulse purchase. I've definitely, you know, obviously given myself enough time to think about this. And, you know, I have done my research on it. So when you say, “Oh, do your research,” I have done my research, okay. That being said, I wanted to take you guys along with me, because I have not been able to find any good resources that document a journey.

Typically, when you watch people's YouTube videos, or their stories or whatever, their blog posts, it's usually, this is what my Doctor told me, this is what I did. That's it. But what I really want to do is, I want to take you guys through everything that I'm going through. You know, when it comes to meeting with a Doctor, when it comes to picking a size, when it comes to recovery, what my diet looks like, what my training looks like, everything that comes with it, post-surgery, pre-surgery, with the measuring, and trying on Booby sizes, and all of that. I want to bring you guys along for that ride, because I have not been able to find that. So this is just the first part of it. And so throughout the next few months, I'll just be talking a little bit more about what I'm choosing for sizes, you know. And you know, sort of my thought process as we progress and we get closer to the date. And then on the day, you know, I'll take you guys to the lab, through the post-op, pre-op and all of that stuff. And so hopefully, you guys will just follow me on my journey.

What I will say is that there will be times where there are a lot of gross things, surgical scars, bruising, things of that nature. A lot of Booby jokes here and there. So I just want to give you guys a warning that if you guys are not into that, then eventually you might want to think about muting me, unfollowing me. But if you're here for it, if you want to learn about it, if you want to know what's going on with me, I more than welcome you guys into my world and everything that goes along with that. And even conversations that I'm gonna be having with people as I let them know that this is going to be happening. Because, you know, for the most part, everybody's been super supportive, so. And besides that, yeah, guys, if you guys have any resources, you know, feel free to just show them to me. I love reading up on stuff like this, because you can never have too much information. But, you know, really, my primary goal is to be another resource for somebody else who's thinking about doing it, or who has done it and you know, just doesn't want to feel as lonely. Because really, the resources that I have found have been quite lacking. They have not been like, you know what's going through your head the entire time. So okay, that's really all I have to say today. I'm so grateful that you guys are following me and I hope you guys stick around for my journey. Love you guys.

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